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i refuse to apologize


It’s depressing seeing how many people give up on their dreams at a young age because they’re told to “be realistic”.

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i don’t understand how people can simply fall out of hetalia when there’s literally a countless amount of potential material for it. it’s not just an anime and a web manga: we have all of history and thousands of different cultures to relate it to — stuff going on every DAY. it’s so fandom driven for this reason and there’s so much we can do with it.

hetalia is more than an anime, it’s our world, represented by the lives of dweebs.

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did u know, there’s this small rural town in japan called obama.
so there’s this girl in a 2007 drama who moved from the city to obama.
and she hates it at first and blames the town for her misery.
i kid u not. didn’t make this shit up.

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